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oh, best man.

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I love my cousin so much, man. she’s like 10 years older than me (or something) but I swear she’s my best friend. I’m so happy she found the man she wants to spend the rest of her life w that loves her AND her daughter relentlessly.

family, man.

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Artist: Toto
Song: Hold The Line
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Yoga Guide: Yoga for the hips! (New post up on!)

Hip flexibility is something that is so important but yet so overlooked in our daily lives. Our daily routines can create a lot of tension in our hip joints without us even realising it. 

Therefore, today’s practice is a very yin style of practice, that can help to gradually open up our hips, gain greater range of motion, and help to prevent injuries!

Check out the 10 asanas and their detailed write-up here!

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this week has been emotionally draining and destructive on macro and micro levels


take care of yourself, have a treat, take a personal day, say some prayers, call your mom, take a walk in nature, watch a video of dogs in a swimming pool, read relevant theory, read comforting comics, draw a picture, cry, dream, eat pizza, watch that your heart doesn’t shrivel  to rock

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never been w the games.

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When she starts feeling the song in the club

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Answering asks tonight


Ask me anything

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flipping my self-worth a hundred fold.

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I’m really just out here parlaying.

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I really think I broke my sex handle lol. that bitch is on E indefinitely. adampacmanjones

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I was really into the WWE when it was the WWF

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lmao I don’t. why do you say that? adampacmanjones

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most of it’s a hindrance at this point.

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